La Delicious

Toko Roti
Berdasar pada 10 ulasan


M. D
26 month ago
Very tasty food! The pastries are a must try
Begum A
39 month ago
Peynirli ve kıymalı börek denedik. Tam kıvamında pişmişti. Hem çıtır hem yumuşak
Мarina G
51 month ago
Great taste and choice of different pastries. Delicious.
65 month ago
I was told this is the best place for burek in cener. Unfortunately they are always sold out when I get there (so I guess, this might be right ^^). The other foods are delicous, I've tried several :)
Best in S
67 month ago
It used to be the best place to eat after going out but now the quality is not as good as it was. Still if the pastry is fresh and warm you won't be disappointed.
Jarrod B
71 month ago
The best banicka of all time 😃
Flea R
76 month ago
This is where you should go after every night out. Best puff pastry is right here, you can choose whatever you want and you won't be disappointed by what you get. Plus the pastry is fresh and warm.
Nezih B
76 month ago
*** tastefully done breakfast., all travelers are advised to ...
Komu K
77 month ago
You have to try the "pizza banichka". Actually, everything ia tasty here. The people working there are very polite, too.
Maya P
102 month ago
Работи цело време и секогаш имаш топли банички и во 4 саат сабајле после излегување. Препорачливо да се проба - баничка со сирење и пица-баничка
  • Аминта Трети, 1000 Skopje, Makedonia, GPS: 41.998535,21.422922
  • +389 2 311 7597
  • Sen–Min 24 Jam