MTR Central Station (港鐵中環站)

Stasiun Metro
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Mary Joy
26 month ago
Connects Blue and Red lines. Also, very spacious so crowds are manageable during peak hours.
レスリー ホ
72 month ago
Dear tourists or foreigners, becareful of you in the crowded passangers on weekdays at peak hour morning and afternoon session
76 month ago
Station Exit Strategy: To Sheung Wan, Escalator near Car 3 Door 1, Car 4 Door 1, Car 7 Door 1, Lift near Car 5 Door 1, Tsuen Wan Line Interchange near Car 5 Door 3
5500 p
78 month ago
센트럴역에서 출구로 올라가는 계단이 꽤 길다. 올라가기 직전 바로 옆벽애 82steps라는 벽보가 붙어있어 무심결에 세어보았는데.. 정말 82계단이었다며 혼자 재미있어했던 기억!^^
Chelsea S
90 month ago
Pro tip: Need to get to Exchange Square or IFC? Take Exit A and go up the escalator to the connected walkway. Much faster than walking to Hong Kong Station.
Bobo L
92 month ago
If you feel like walking, you can actually walk all the way to Admiralty. You hv the AC, away from bad weather, no traffic light..just people, not too bad. 10mins
嘉豪 徐
92 month ago
Between the hours of 11am~8pm, take the Tsuen Wan-bound trains starting from here and take the next train for a guaranteed seat (and less of those uncomfortable pushing and shoving.)
嘉豪 徐
100 month ago
A major transport hub for Hong Kong Island - An all-day, all-night rush as passengers go to & from the Airport/Lantau, Kowloon, Ferries, and the rest of the island. Don't become left behind! Enjoy HK!
嘉豪 徐
100 month ago
Reminder: Walking… yes, walking… from Central Station to Hong Kong Station is free. Exiting to the Airport Express & IFC Mall is HK$3. Benefit: Escalators, Air-Conditioning, and wheelchair-accessible…
114 month ago
Pret, 7 eleven and mrs fields cookies are inside! You can connect to Disneyland, airport express and all lines on the MTR here. Octopus card ideal!