Target Field

Stadion Bola Kasti
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Nicholas K
32 month ago
The sight lines for football game here are surprisingly good, especially when it’s the Tommies holding the Johns to one rushing yard on the day. 🏈
Jay D
43 month ago
Don't spend a lot of money on tickets. We spent almost the entire game standing at the rail in the bar in the outfield. Great view, easy access to cocktails/beer, pizza, and other concessions.
Trevor A
78 month ago
Beautiful new stadium, you can pour your own beer! The ticket people are at every walkway, but cheapest tickets are only $14 and plenty of standing room
Victor R
78 month ago
Awesome place to catch a game!!! Great set up!! Good food and beer vending machines!!! A must if ever in Minnesota during the summer.
Ed K
91 month ago
In 2009, the Pohlad family valued the Twins at $24 million in order to dodge $121 million in taxes. The Twins benefit from more than $24m/year in subsidies from Hennepin County for Target Field.
93 month ago
Get seats on the 3rd base side for a view of the Minneapolis skyline all game long, & make sure to pick up a brat (w/ grilled onions & sauerkraut) from one of the Kramarczuk's stands.
95 month ago
The first baseball game played here was a college game between the University of Minnesota and Louisiana Tech on March 27, 2010.
Patrick M
103 month ago
Three blocks east on 5th is Nibbles McCart the original push cart in minneapolis. Aka the best Wieners & polish sausages also at 7th/8th and Nicollet mall.
Karin Marie
104 month ago
If attending with children, the Guest Services window behind Home Plate has booster seats, can hold your strollers, free sunscreen, hair binders and more. Even has space for nursing mothers. Helpful!
114 month ago
The admissions gates here are numbered according to Twins legends. LF is #6 (Oliva), CF is #3 (Killebrew), RF is #29 (Carew), Target Plaza (also in RF) is #34 (Puckett), and home plate is #14 (Hrbek).