Tempat Pemakaman Umum (TPU)
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21 month ago
I know, it's a cemetery, but it's absolutely beautiful. I would suggest to go during sunset.
46 month ago
Great piece of landscape architecture by one of Sweden's most influential architects. Nice place to stroll around on a clear day.
Chico T
56 month ago
Cementerio fuera de lo normal al estar integrado en un enorme espacio de jardines y bosques. Perfecto para dar un paseo tranquilo y relajante.
Dániel G
63 month ago
Amazing, beautiful and serene. I spent 3 hours there walking alone. Most peaceful 3 hours for years.
Wagner S
64 month ago
Designed by two famous Swedish architects in the early 1920s, it is a UNESCO heritage. The tomb of Greta Garbo is just at the south end path from Woodland Chapel. Easy access by metro green line south
Åsa V
77 month ago
A beautiful place with fantastic architecture. It's a special place with both forest and huge open space. In the weekends there are a little cafe in the area. Take an hour or two and just walk around
Alexander W
77 month ago
The most beautiful place in Stockholm. Asplund and Lewrentz in total harmony. Visit at all times of the year. Go there on Allahelgona in November! Love this place.
José A
78 month ago
Yes, it's a cemetery, but it well deserves a visit. Peaceful landscape, surrounded by millinery trees, and ancient chapels. The pink tomb of Greta Garbo is a hidden treasure.
Izzie Z
100 month ago
One of my favourite places in Stockholm, I always feel very tranquil here... designed by two of Swedens more famous architects, Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz. /citylikeyou/profiles/martin-hulten
110 month ago
This UNESCO World Heritage Site has served as inspiration to many cemetery landscapes in the world. This serene and calming atmosphere was created by architects Asplund and Lewerentz in 1917.