MetroLink - Central West End Station

Stasiun Kereta Api Ringan
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Bob T
32 month ago
The busiest Metro station.
☕️ o
72 month ago
Prepare to be surrounded by a shitload of people. Mostly doctors/students. & say hello to the Jesus freaks shouting on the loudspeaker at the top of the steps.
ElizaBeth W
75 month ago
The metrolink is great! We don't even need a car because of it. Now if only it would expand to the suburbs. Wish the old outdoor crestwood mall was a stop on this line!
Thomas D
105 month ago
Have fun waiting by being overly hot or overly cold lol :)
Brian J
109 month ago
There are two #80 busses. One goes to Macklind and Arsenal and then back to CWE Metro Bus. The other goes to the Civic Center.
Jonah A
111 month ago
Around 4 to 5pm this mug be packed ! try to get on earlier if yu can
Mic J
111 month ago
Routes Served: 01 Gold Line, 08 Bates Morganford, 10 Gravois Lindell, 18 Taylor, 42 Sarah, 59 Dogtown, & 95 Kingshighway.
Demesha R
112 month ago
Have your pass out. They're checking!
Destiny G
114 month ago
Cell phone dying? There is an outlet at the top of the stairs.
Susan K
116 month ago
This is a popular station, always a lot of people.