Metro Center Metro Station

Stasiun Metro
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Sean M
39 month ago
Great way to get around the city. Keep your card, you can reuse it later on.
Anand P
94 month ago
Make sure you time the doors just right if you have kids in strollers. The doors show no mercy and will slam on you!
95 month ago
One of the major hubs for Metro transfers between different subway lines.
Hunter S
95 month ago
If the trains are crowded and you need to step off to let people out do so and stand next to the door so you csnnget back on. For those standing on the platform, leave room so they can do so.
Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
104 month ago
The Metrorail and Metrobus are clean, efficient and dependable. Benefit from discounts and avoid the recent paper farecard surcharge with a refillable SmarTrip Card -- Green Guide Editor
Corrie D
104 month ago
Seriously? Don't let your kids sit on the escalator stairs on the way down (or up). It's not cute, it's dangerous. And it puts them all up in my way as I hustle to catch the trains!
Erin S
107 month ago
Metroing at night - especially close too the weekends - can be brutal. Expect longer waits than normal.
Desi D
111 month ago
Please remember to take all your belongings when leaving... Otherwise Metro employees will think your stuff is a bomb and stop service to check it!
Daya T
115 month ago
Please move to the center of the train upon entering the car or risk causing an accident unnecessarily. If ur getting off soon...don't forget to get off the train to let others off. Be considerate!
Evan G
121 month ago
Walk fast during rush hour, even if you're not in a hurry. It's just polite and people appreciate it.
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