Hamdeok Seoubong Beach (함덕서우봉해변)

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Patrick P
16 month ago
Beautiful beach, clean environment, lots of hotels nearby, and good & great food joints... what else can you ask for?!
San R
44 month ago
에매랄드빛 색깔이 아름다운 해변. 해변을 따라 산책로가 조성되어 있고 월정리등에 비하여 핫하지는 않지만 소박한 느낌이 있다.
Alya D
53 month ago
Stunning views,peaceful and nice,looks like Maldives 😍Many different coffee shops around as well
David F
57 month ago
Full of eatery and convenient store and hotel.
Hyoungsu C
58 month ago
해변이 너무예뻐요:-) 해변근처 Delmoondo 카페에서 사진도 추천!
Reza R
64 month ago
5 minutes from here there's a place you can stay with a view like this. The owner, Mr Pong, can speak very good English. All the staff is nice and helpful. Theyre willing to send you to nearby places
Reza R
64 month ago
There's a nice Italian Restaurant called OLIO...great ambience, nice food and they have this table on a small garden next to it. Try out their Pizza. Delicious
Reza R
64 month ago
Cafè Delmoondo is one of the place that can have nice coffee with a great ambience and view to the see...
taei s
68 month ago
월정리보다 바다에 사람이 좀 적어서 ,, 좋았어요 ㅎㅎ 예쁜 색상의 바다-! 사진 잘나오고-! 물놀이하기 딱입니다👍
Nailah R
77 month ago
One of the top beaches on Jeju Island. Go before the tides recede... Before 4pm if you want to get in the water. Or go for the sunset.