Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) (Palm Springs International Airport)

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Zile D
24 month ago
One of the nicest airports and people. Once you go through TSA you can grab a Starbucks and have one more opportunity to sit outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine before boarding..
Shanen A
31 month ago
It’s a combination of indoor & outdoor airport. The sunrise behind the palm trees in the terminal is fabulous. Quiet & peaceful airport Also, Starbucks opens early.
Natalie L
44 month ago
Great little airport, easy to navigate and I love being able to be outdoors while waiting for flights.
Matt D
45 month ago
Small, efficient, and altogether lovely airport. I'd be hard pressed to think of a better airport in the United States.
molly s
50 month ago
If your flight is delayed, you'll begin to notice instrumentals of songs from the 80s & 90s like Hall & Oates "One on One" or The Cranberries "Dreams" & you won't be able to unhear them.
James John (Jay) C
50 month ago
Easy! So different. Close to town. Oh. It's in town.
Magnus J
56 month ago
One of the coolest airports in the world (or hottest for that matter). Hang out in the gardens while you wait for your flight.
72 month ago
Might never fly into LAX again. Unless Im going to LA. haha! Love this airport. The best when you land from Chicago in the winter and you walk off the plane to summer. ❤️
Mark M
81 month ago
Without a doubt; Best airport that I have flown in/out of! Plenty of helpful staff at check-in, efficient and friendly TSA and amazing outdoor terrace! Truly relaxing which is rare for air travel!
Thaniya K
94 month ago
One of the best airport in the US. Architecture utilizes indoor-outdoor spaces fitting of Palm Springs weather. Nicest TSA folks. Short security line. Outdoor beer garden between gates!