Port Authority Bus Terminal

Terminal Bis
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26 month ago
It's the bus station that take you out of New York, very good and organized but take care from thefts.
Mare L
28 month ago
Super organizado e prático. Fui ao terminal para ir até o The Mills Outlet em New Jersey. Próximo da Times Square. Enjoy it!
Will H
30 month ago
Once notorious for being the last place you’d want to use the restroom, it’s now the cleanest place in the entire facility.
Jenn H
48 month ago
The automated terminals needs upgrading & service more often to relieve lines. Get rid of the homeless situation, better lighting and cleanliness would be a great start for a better grimes commute!
George Z
53 month ago
One of the top 5 places to cry in New York
Mike M
71 month ago
If you were ever unsure about vaccinations, a quick stroll through this place will change your mind. Forget the Amazon, there are undiscovered diseases in these bathrooms.
Mr M
96 month ago
NY #1 SURVIVAL RULE- Always move along the right side of the walk ways and stairs. walk FAST your in NYC. You want to stroll and not get bumped visit down south for a more slow paced experience.
Judah R
99 month ago
If you're coming here from NJ and need to get back without spending the night in NYC, make sure you do that before 1:50 AM, because the next bus after that is at 6 AM or later
Meghan Kathleen
127 month ago
There is a free shuttle bus to the IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ located at gate 5 on the lower level at the Academy Bus Line. It leaves every half hour between 10:00 & 2:00 on the weekends.
Karina G
127 month ago
For those of you who have never experienced PABT, you must have your ticket/pass purchased before you board. No cash is taken on out-bound buses.