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Kafe Bermain
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Celine G
29 month ago
Knowledgeable and passionate staff, they happy to help you. Enormous selection and for a lively price. We had such a great time!
Ashley A
42 month ago
This place is the best! $10/person allows you to try out and play an insane assortment of games while drinking a beer and having a snack. I've purchased many a game here to continue playing at home.
Frank A
49 month ago
It's a great place too get my D&D with a buzz on kiddo...
Mia G
55 month ago
Warm up with a hilarious and lightly strategic round of Epic Spell Wars then spend the rest of the night playing the involved but interesting Arabian Nights!
Natalie V
57 month ago
Cool, quirky game shop/cafe. Would love to come back, grab a coffee and play games
Brad K
57 month ago
Staff are nice/helpful, environment is friendly, good for casual pickups or weekly meets. Cute date spot if s/he's that kinda thing! Check Fb for weekly schedule
Alexandra L
63 month ago
The Games are amazing, the people are nice, their homemade sodas are really tasty (ginger especially), and their snacks are solid.
Block to Block N
63 month ago
It's great for game nights. $10/person and you can stay for up to four hours. Staff will give you recs and teach you how to play some of the games!
Michael H
69 month ago
Awesome place to play games! Just opened a big new room, doubling the place in size. So lots of tables now
etta y
72 month ago
Really friendly and cozy. Walked in on a Sunday afternoon and it was filled with adorable families playing board games over coffee and snacks.