Dubai Marina (مرسى دبي)

Pelabuhan / Marina
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38 month ago
удобно и прично для вечерних прогулок, большой выбор ресторанов и выход на Маринамолл, можно прокатиться на водном такси, сдеать водную экскурсию, детские плащадки, красивый вид , выход к трамваю .
Ala M
58 month ago
One of the hot spots in Dubai to hang out, have a nice meal or just a stroll around the marina. Lots of great restaurants all around.
Anzhelika N
62 month ago
жить в ДубайМарине комфортнее и спокойнее всего🤔 пляж комфортный:мягкий песочек и не глубоко.Все клубы,рестораны,развлечения - в Марине.Да и вся движуха по вечерам тоже там))+рядом SkyDubai 🛫🚁🛩✈️
Burcu K
64 month ago
Super bir marina. Bir yandan denize girip diger yandan magaza ve rastoranlari hemen yani basinizda bulabiliyorsunuz.
Khaled ☤
66 month ago
Dubai's primary marina where most of the yachts park creating a beautiful scene surrounded by the high-rise towers!
Mark A
67 month ago
One of my favorite places in Dubai. Love the combination of water, boats, architecture and restaurants!
Andrew 翁
74 month ago
Over here in any angles from your eyes everything is luxuriously, yachts, speed boats, restaurants, residences, offices, cars & even taxis. Many superb rich peoples & a rich rich world in Dubai.
Adel K
78 month ago
You should try taking a trip on yacht it is really awesome taking you to see burj alarab and atlantes hotels. Half hour before sunset is recommended for sailing.
89 month ago
I like it in mornings more than evening , its also cool but crowded , dont miss ( AlEXANDREA OLD BOAT ) high roof with meals and nice tour on all water marina sides , iam sure u will enjoy .
92 month ago
They're are great boat rides on offer that take you by the best tourist sights such as Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, Jumeira Beach Hotel and many more👍