Schnucks Lindell Pharmacy

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Keith M
8 month ago
Good produce, decent prices, and useful selection. Friendly staff, too. People talking about "ghetto" and playing at mocking dialects, I think you should get over yourselves. Not cool, people.
Joseph B
18 month ago
Good people-watching while you shop.
Emmy F
62 month ago
Loved it because it was just a few blocks from my home. Very convenient.
Алена В
64 month ago
Usually they have fresh veggies. It's better then in Field Foods.
Dakota D
65 month ago
This location is subpar. Meat selection is limited. Most hard alcohol is behind a service desk that has unlisted hours. I'd rather go to the Hampton store if I can help it.
Perez M
75 month ago
Convenient if you're in Midtown. I have to admit it's not in my top favorite Schnucks stores; but it will work in a pinch.
Tony S
97 month ago
Lines r usually horrendous at night...just 1 checker and they give 0 fucks also. Ghetto-as-fuck too.
Desiree T
103 month ago
Be nice to the cashiers, especially on the night shift. Adults should act better than some of the customers I've seen in here.
Greg C
104 month ago
Dis be da ghetto Schnucks in the refined and cultured CWE. We shop here for convenience and affordability but trust me when I say it is NOT cute inside.
Tenley M
111 month ago
Self check out is a must do. Also, the security guards always smile at me when I say hello.
  • 4171 Lindell Blvd (Lindell Market Place), Saint Louis, MO 63108, Amerika Serikat, GPS: 38.64149,-90.24718
  • (314) 533-8234
  • Sen–Sel, Kam 06:00–18:00
    Rab, Jum 08:00–21:00
    Sab 09:00–18:00
    Min 10:00–16:00