Great Food Hall

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David S
24 month ago
While the variety is good here, the place is filthy. Cockroaches, dead bugs ... :/
Cody L
27 month ago
I love this place! There are a lot more choices and options compared to other grocery stores.
Tiffany T
34 month ago
Perfect place to grab a quick and healthy lunch
Swiss In Hong Kong ?
45 month ago
Big food hall, hug variety of fresh food. Great choices.
yiu s
47 month ago
I like to buy bread and bakery products here, especially the bagels (which I learn are from Schragels) and pretzels. They are comparable to those elsewhere. Other foods are expensive.
Carolina M
51 month ago
Salad bar offers a great selection but staff are very mean. They give smaller portions to locals but are very generous to the foreigners.
Matt T
52 month ago
Vegetables are insanely expensive here. Yes they are probably organic, yes they've probably been flown in from Australia. But $75 for a smallish piece of broccoli? That's just ridiculous.
Jenny L
55 month ago
You can get food here that are sold all around the world which is not common to be found in other local supermarkets.
Sherry J
60 month ago
Best supermarket ever! Extensive food choices and you get to order your own mixed salad. Awesome! 😋
60 month ago
If you're an expat looking for some hometown favourites, this is the place to check.
  • B/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Central and Western District, Hong Kong, GPS: 22.277924,114.16471
  • +852 2918 9986