Mollusk Surf Shop

Toko Papan
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5 month ago
Quality clothing and beach/surf gear with awesome, funky designs
Ana Clare S
52 month ago
Check out the art gallery in the back!
Adrian P
64 month ago
Very chill vibe. Their clothes are excellent, the shorts and tees are fantastic. Massive dressing room makes trying things on easy. Be sure to check if there's a sale (if there is, go upstairs)
Arthur B
86 month ago
This surf shop also have clothing pieces. It is just a little pricy but worth check out when you are around Ocean Beach!
Drew S
88 month ago
I'm a surf shop owner on the east coast and really enjoyed this shop today. A real nice departure from the normal California surf shop. Definitely one to check out.
Hunter M
131 month ago
seakat lives here. love the birdhouses, gallery, books, and shirts (surfing stuff is great too)
Felix D
137 month ago
Go to Mollusk on 47th and Irving in the Sunset. Use your foglights to get there. Ogle surf porn, run your hands along works of art, talk to the knowledgeable crew. Then go surf!
  • 4500 Irving St (at 46th Ave), San Francisco, CA 94122, Amerika Serikat, GPS: 37.762394,-122.50619
  • (415) 564-6300