Camp5 Climbing Gym

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Eve P
19 month ago
Friendly and helpful staff. Routes have varying degrees of difficulty so even new climbers can climb! There's something for everyone here.
Yew Jhin
22 month ago
Great place to hang out with friends and the routes are updated every month, always making things interesting and changing it up!
Mein L
28 month ago
Great instructors, great place to work out, great place to even hang out with friends and meet other climbers. Great service and facilities. Climbing routes updated regularly. I highly recommend!
30 month ago
Great place with great people! Very well equipped with people who will go the extra mile to assist you.
Jordan A
31 month ago
Super friendly community and helpful staffs. Over 400 routes to choose from and these routes are changed every few months.
Jennifer T
33 month ago
Environment are good, Staffs are friendly & kind. A good place to workout and train ur stamina.
Julian L
33 month ago
Great place as an activity for the kids and the whole family. Staff are super friendly and patient and there are many walls to climb
Crystal A
35 month ago
Camp 5 is always my first choice to have my climbing session.The staffs and coaches there are very nice.They always provide guidance when I needed help.The place is clean and also well equipped.
Amerynn L
42 month ago
Awesome place. The staffs are riendly. Coaches are experienced and knowledgable. The place is well equipped and well kept. Activities are varied to meet different needs and levels of all climbers.
Irwin L
43 month ago
Great place with walls for newcomers and pro climbers alike. The staff are friendly and it almost feels like a family. Good for those looking for an alternative workout. 10/10 would climb again.
  • 1 Utama Shopping Centre (EZ501), 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, GPS: 3.1495323,101.61607
  • +60 3-7726 0420
  • Sen–Jum 14:00–23:00
    Sab–Min 10:00–20:00