Glazer's Camera

Toko Kamera
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Nick W
18 month ago
Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Hey meet you where you’re at, not expecting you to meet them halfway. Tremendous selection and great location.
Andrew P
47 month ago
The selection is amazing. I could spend hours looking at gear here. Tre customer service is excellent and the people working here are friendly and very helpful.
Lawyer M
55 month ago
The go to shop for all your photography needs.
Alberto J S M
61 month ago
I am very impressed with the service of the sales people. I went to buy a monopod and he offered me another even better and cheaper. Next time at Seattle I will return there.
Lilly E
75 month ago
Glazer's moved across the street!
Andru E
78 month ago
Great for camera rental and A/V equipment purchases.
Kelly S
84 month ago
Need Gaffer Tape? They got it, and cheap!
Devin B
86 month ago
If you know what you want before going in, call ahead and have them set it aside. It'll be waiting for you.
Beautiful Existence
99 month ago
Ask for Dante, the best in used knowledge around!
Beautiful Existence
101 month ago
Check out their #Awesome used selection, BEST in the NW!
  • 811 Republican St (at Republican St.), Seattle, WA 98109, Amerika Serikat, GPS: 47.623184,-122.340546
  • (206) 624-1100
  • Sen–Jum 09:00–19:00
    Sab 09:00–18:00
    Min Siang Hari–17:00