West Village

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MarktheSpaMan M
30 month ago
One of the best areas in Dallas for entertainment and dining fun. Oh and not to forget #spatime!
Robyn H
32 month ago
If you want to feel hip, go here. On a sunny day, browse the boutiques for something unique, or dine at one of the greats - Cru, Mi Cocina - before catching a movie at the Magnolia.
The Ritz-Carlton
46 month ago
West Village is one of Dallas’ best trendsetting outdoor shopping areas that features an assortment of restaurants & bars, shopping, and beauty needs.
Shane E
55 month ago
We ate at Burger Bar and it was amazing. West Village is very crowded, but the food was amazing!
Kristin B
67 month ago
I love this cute little area for shopping, happy hour, dinner, movies, or desert!
ᴡ S
78 month ago
Taco Diner
Transitions® lenses
106 month ago
Vote for Uptown and West Village as one of Dallas’ top landmarks & enter to win a trip to the Galapagos Islands! #seemoresights
Transitions® lenses
106 month ago
Two of Dallas’ trendiest districts offer excellent shopping and dining options. Explore both via the free Trolley! #seemoresights
Tricia C
115 month ago
Why is West Village a movie theater?
Billy H
118 month ago
Dont know what to drink for a quick buzzz.... Have a dilemma;) all three at once! Dont forget to cab it;)