Bam Land | بام لند (بام لند)

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Hirad B
7 month ago
Used to be kind of ok, but right now it's only good for window shopping. Though this kind of public space is undeniably scarce in Tehran, so there is that.
Pooria B
8 month ago
A good place to hangout, fine place to shop and good places to eat. Unique location by the lake.
Edwin M
12 month ago
The latest update is;the security staff have been changed here!The last team were zombies,very aggressive and rude toward customers and visitors.
Khashayar R
14 month ago
A great place to shop, eat, exercise, or just have a walk. You can enjoy it with family or friends but be aware of the crowd in the weekends or evenings. Also you can have a nice view of the sunset.
Mehdi B
16 month ago
متفاوت ترین مرکز تفریحی و خرید در تهران
19 month ago
دلم میخواد مثل بچه ها فقط تو فروشگاه اسباب بازیش بمونمممم تا ابد😂
Aria T
20 month ago
جای‌ جالبیه و میشه که کل اعضای خانواده یه بعد از ظهرشون‌ رو‌ اونجا خوش بگذرونن
Milad M
21 month ago
اگر پنجشنبه جمعه ها یا روزهای تعطیل میخواهید برید بام لند، حتما منتظر نبود جای پارک و ترافیک سنگین دور دریاچه باشید.
21 month ago
Various restaurants, good view, an ideal place for biking and walking.
21 month ago
it's a great place for spending time as usual u can find different types of food and have a good shopping
  • Sadaf Blvd., Moj St., Moj Sq., Kashan Blvd., Kharrazi Hwy., Teheran, Tehran, Iran, GPS: 35.743603,51.221394
  • Sen–Rab, Sab–Min 10:00–22:00
    Kam–Jum 10:00–22:30