Shane Co.

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Zync K
37 month ago
Edgar was awesome. Very patient and knowledgeable.
Gabby M
40 month ago
Excellent customer service! I’ve never been more comfortable in a jewelry store like I have here. I was able to make a purchase with no hassle. The salesperson was NEVER pushy which is a bonus for me!
Jeff N
57 month ago
I can't bring myself to buy jewelry anywhere else. They're so helpful and my wife has loved everything I've picked out there.
Jennifer F
62 month ago
Staff is very knowledgeable, quick to help, and are extremely courteous!
Ashan T
70 month ago
Hey Shane Co., you should join Freebie! The benefits are amazing for both you and me.
Ryan S
71 month ago
My fiancé & I have purchased 4 rings so far. We love the no sales pressure approach. The staff is GREAT! Their warranties are included. Their prices are competitive. We're customers for life.
Colleen A
92 month ago
Love Shane Co. Jake and Stephanie were super helpful.
Debbi_Deb W
102 month ago
They were all really nice and Jamie was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Stewart S
107 month ago
I really liked the service by Emily... Great feedback to all my questions... Reasonable prices.