Bloomingdale's (بلومينجديلز)

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Ali L
39 month ago
Last time I was in Dubai Mall, after hrs of going to stores, this was the only one where I bought clothes. Service is very good. Selection in the men's dept is good. Kenzo to Paul Smith and Gucci.
Ali L
39 month ago
The men’s section is relatively small, but it carries all the brands you’d want: Kenzo, Etro, Paul Smith, Gucci and Ralph Lauren. Diesel, Seven and Citizen all overpriced here
53 month ago
A must visit if you're in dubai for some shopping, they have a decent mens section on the first floor.
54 month ago
Profissional staff, variety of beauty staff, perfumes and anything related to fashion that satisfied the status need for any human being :)
Lina A
74 month ago
Love this place! Most of my wardrobe from bloomies ;) wide selection of j brand and current elliot jeans
Sarah A
75 month ago
Best store where you can find many brands in one place
Alk R
76 month ago
You gotta go to "forty carrots" and try the carrot cake the best in Dubaj for sure!
Alshymaa A
78 month ago
I can spend hours shopping around hands down my favorite department store and it's not just the clothing make up and accessories their home furnishing store is also amazing.
Noman A
98 month ago
If you're a dude, stuck with a woman at this place, go to the hand bags section -- nice sofas for you to sit.
Samer H
116 month ago
Check out Republique (a bar & club) that JUST opened next door at the Address Dubai Mall. Amazing retro + new music on weekends downstairs & chilled indie rock, jazz, soul & pop on weekdays upstairs.