Puccini Bomboni

Toko Cokelat
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Jerome I
13 month ago
The best bonbons in Amsterdam!
Pelin D
58 month ago
a bit pricey buy totally worth it mmmm try the one with honey
Can E
58 month ago
Tasty and original chocolates
Martin M
68 month ago
Careful with the plum chocolate. Had pieces of the plum stone that can break your teeth. Disappointed this can happen at that price level.
Giulianna G
72 month ago
Amazing chocolates! It's a small store but the chocolate selection is huge! My sister in law always comes here and now she's got me hooked too! Try the mint, framboos, and the sweet pepper (for sure!)
Elena F
74 month ago
Honey bomboni are of great taste! and i was completely charmed by really nice cashier lady (the owner, i suppose)
Yonca T
76 month ago
Pepper and amaretto and dark chocolate with prunes are my favorites
Marcos H
78 month ago
Best bonbons in Amsterdam, Holland, and top in Europe for sure!!
Dominic M
79 month ago
Pretty shop, so so chocolates. As a dark chocolate lover I found these really fat and too sweet
José V
81 month ago
Fantastic chocolates! Highly recommended! Original tastes too, like thyme, pepper, figs, tea etc. Makes a great present or just walk in to buy one to go with the coffee you can buy a few doors down.