Apple Amsterdam

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Nol D
28 month ago
Service in this store was great! They let you check in, and after maybe 5 minutes your up. The staff is friendly and help you as good as they can. I replaced my iPhone battery, great experience.
Gonny Z
29 month ago
Beautiful Apple Store in a historic building with an atrium for natural light. First Apple Store in NL. Straightforward layout, with the Genius Bar and sales of accessories upstairs.
Robert F
40 month ago
Very nice place in a breathtaking building. The staff was kind and help as to figure out the solution for our problem. The glass staircase is wonderful!
Niels d
44 month ago
Wat is dit toch een prachtige zaak met prachtige spullen. Let eens op de glazen trap. Zo prominent en stijlvol aanwezig!
Lennart v
68 month ago
Terrific store. Lots of light, friendly staff, free WiFi. Great place.
Oleg B
72 month ago
I like the store. All products if ready to try, and high speed internet helps you if you need just find some information, like in digital library.
Anderson G
73 month ago
Espetacular,Fantástico! Shopping Center da Apple em Amsterdam!Aos amantes IOS ñ tem melhor lugar com preços,produtos e atendimento acessíveis bem distantes do Brasil!Coisa de outro Mundo Literalmente!
John B
73 month ago
All things Apple, this is a gigantic store, one of the biggest I have been too. It also has great wifi for free.
78 month ago
A great Apple Store, really big and beautiful with an awesome staircase similar to the one in Covent Garden's Store, in London. Free Wi-Fi and you can charge your iPhone.
Venny F. V
94 month ago
Its 1ofDBiggest2levelAppStore in the world. Luxury design interior surround are utterly charming, cozy & comfy. Service are an excellent. With Great Bar & friendly staffs