Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market (노량진수산물도매시장)

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Fatin A
19 month ago
My advice, make sure you know sone basic korea. Language, at least you can bargain with the whole seller to get some better price
Jong Heon K
23 month ago
수산물 직구 후 즉석 쿠킹 가능한 시설이 있어 여행객에게 굿 but 저렴하게 구입하시려면 발품과 네고는 필수
Mark H
24 month ago
도대체 어디가 좋은 곳일까. 식당 차림표 외에 게를 찌는데 킬로당 추가 비용이 있었음. 들어갈 때는 이야기도 없더만
27 month ago
Sea bream sashimi is a thing. And the best part - the belly. My sea bream was pretty distressed before it was fished out, slapped onto the block, scaled, gutted, deboned, sliced (all in 10-15m)
27 month ago
Its not that cheap but it definitely worth going. You buy the fish and seafood and then go up to restaurant where they prepare all that for you. But you end up paying that as well...
Wonik C
27 month ago
NORYANGJIN FISH MARKET: MUST VISIT place for all seafood lovers!!! Wander from vendor to vendor to make the best deal, which is also fun at this place. Ready to be a adventurous eater?
Cleber F
35 month ago
Cuidado para não ser ludibriado com os preços. Melhor pesquisar bem os precos antes de comprar. E você pode escolher em q restaurante do mercado para preparar os alimentos.
Merih S
44 month ago
A must see place. You can get your fresh fish and have it cooked in a near restaurant. Everything is worth trying.
47 month ago
Go with a local as they will charge you more if they notice that you are a foreigner.
H2 L
53 month ago
1층 매장에서 3층,4층 주차장까지 엘레베이터뿐만 아니라 에스컬레이터로 연결이 되어있어 편리해요!