Khan Murjan (خان مرجان)

Restoran Timur Tengah
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Ro Y
17 month ago
Tanjia and tikka roub were awesome 👅 with nice staff ( and I have to add that shisha is great too)
40 month ago
Many options to choose from.. I recommend the Moroccan and Egyptian menu. Be there Daytime.
Khaled ☤
68 month ago
They have one of the best Arab cuisines I've ever tried in Dubai. I recommend their Ramadan buffet, it's quite rich!
Khaled ☤
84 month ago
Best venue to travel back in time to the old arabian culture with great food and simple ambiance!
Amal A
90 month ago
their special rice pudding is amazing , if you like rice pudding you're gonna love it
Someone E
91 month ago
Love everything in this place from the food to the atmosphere and ending with the old Syrian design of the place , you need to check it, its in Wafi Mall
سلـمـآن بن مُحمّد
91 month ago
Its timless! Its takes you back in the times of flying magic carpets and mystical arabian nights! There can be not better place to experience ancient arabia than in Khan Murjan at The Wafi, Dubai.
Abdallah I
91 month ago
It's a nice open space! Was guessing where are the air conditioning units and how the weather is cold without having a roof! The food is great, and the shisha is awesome!
Mekhti M
96 month ago
Good food, not bad hummus. Nice place to smoke shisha and have a Moroccan tea. Pretty full in the evenings so be sure to come before 21:00.
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts
96 month ago
"Featuring arts, crafts, jewellery and clothes, Khan Murjan offers a variety of unique gifts from across the region for that perfect souvenir."