Hunyadi téri Vásárcsarnok

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Julia I
46 month ago
the outdoor market is nice, fresh veggies, great tomato and strawberries 👍
Gabor K
62 month ago
If the outside market is open, try it, buy some local vegetables or meat from the source. The inside is "genuine" :) Try it!
Sonita S
67 month ago
Отличный рынок на районе, прячется в красивом здании. Есть грибная (!) лавка.
Rus T
68 month ago
Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables available from vendors hopefully getting them directly from the farmers. Good diary shop with fresh cream and curd cheese. Shop is called TejBolt.
Rus T
68 month ago
Liked the diary shop TejBolt. Fresh cream and curd cheese, both yammy.
Miloš L
71 month ago
Small and authentic. Hope the renovation won't gentrify it.
72 month ago
Nice sittable park with a very good inside market full of fruit, vegetables, langos, etc
Réka Manon
74 month ago
It's worth to pop in for some fresh egg or cheap coffee in the morning. Can't wait for the open air season!
We Love Budapest
82 month ago
Our favourite was the dairy shop, where fresh milk arrives from Dány every day. We tried their liptauer and wild garlic butter, and both were divine, though not really kiss-friendly.
Marcel D
90 month ago
One of the loveliest (& rustiest) market halls of Pest, doubled by open air stalls (except in the winter of course). Nice poultry shop for goose & duck, and I buy seasonal vegetables & fruit outside.
  • Budapest, Hunyadi tér 4-5. (Szófia u.), 1067, Hungaria, GPS: 47.505016,19.066372
  • +36 1 704 2231
  • Sen 07:00–17:00
    Sel–Jum 07:00–18:00
    Sab 07:00–14:00