San Diego Zoo

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Justin O
6 month ago
You can rent a wheelchair or an electric scooter. The park has steep paths and narrow entryways especially at the aviary (bird) spaces.
Daniel P
11 month ago
Para mi la atracción número 1 de San Diego. Llega temprano y pasa un día maravilloso
Jase P
14 month ago
Best zoo in the world? Yeah, I think so. Even though the pandas left in 2019, there’s plenty left to see.
Denise D.
14 month ago
Gorgeous animal park. Great staff to help you navigate and offer interesting facts about the animals as you view the exhibits
Nikki C
15 month ago
Amazing zoo! Bring your art supplies and sketch some cool animals!
Eric O
16 month ago
Grab a Koala Kolsch, brewed by local masters at Ballast Point specifically for the zoo.
Nancy M
17 month ago
Checar qué los animales sí estén todos para poder verlos es mucho caminar
Dalal A
18 month ago
Spectacular! Don’t miss it really!
Amanda R
18 month ago
One of the largest zoo's in the country, San Diego Zoo houses over 3,500 animals with an emphasis on saving wildlife from extinction. Take advantage of the Skyfari Aerial Tram for a birds eye view.
Sara B
19 month ago
No more Giant Pandas. The Children’s Zoo in no more at the moment because they are rebuilding that area.