Riverbanks Zoo And Gardens

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Mike P
34 month ago
This is basically the only thing to do in Columbia. But it's actually a good zoo. The tortoises are VERY BIG.
Michael P
57 month ago
Not the biggest zoo you'll ever go to, but the ticket price is very reasonable. You can definitely spend a good four hours just in the zoo section without even checking out the gardens.
Wes B
71 month ago
Parent tip: if you don't have money for your kids to buy animal food just look down. You'll find tons of lettuce for the giraffes and food for the goats and alpacas. Score!
Elizabeth B
76 month ago
Go early in the morning on weekends. It turns into a real zoo later in the day.
Julie N
82 month ago
Changing table in the woman's RR, be switch inside a larger stall ......dang why does it have to be at entrance, for my girls private moments to be notice by all entering the RR.....Not Cool,
Celeste H
88 month ago
Very nice zoo! Gardens were beautiful as well! Children's garden was large. There is also a hiking trail on the way to the gardens. It is paved & the first part is wheelchair accessible, tho bumpy.
Sarah W
94 month ago
Also, you aren't the only guest who wants to feed a giraffe. There has to be enough for everyone. They aren't fed all day in order to keep them healthy. Take responsibility and know the schedule.
Janelle F
97 month ago
Go to the aquarium, the most peaceful and enjoyable place... The diver comes at 12:30 and 3:30
Wanna See It All
113 month ago
Better than expected, great zoo. A lot of reptiles and monkeys. The admission was at a reasonable cost. Set aside an afternoon for this place. Also you can walk around with the kangaroos
128 month ago
beautiful zoo! great penguin, koala, and meerkat exhibit. take the kids on a nice day and enjoy! also makes a great date! just avoid in the summer, HOT!
  • 500 Wildlife Pkwy, Columbia, SC 29210, Amerika Serikat, GPS: 34.00977,-81.073456
  • (803) 779-8717
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