The Green Planet

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Jarvithom B
29 month ago
Escape from busy city in the heart of Dubai. You can see exotic animals very good for family with children.
Dalal A
30 month ago
They made it as the rain-forest. Wonderful for the kids, you basically started from the top-and go down watching the "rain-forest" nature. There are no many animals, although enough for u to feel it.
Fahad F
34 month ago
If you have an hour or too to kill do not miss this unique rainforest experience in the middle of downtown
Mar 
38 month ago
Very fun experience, kids will love it. don't forget to check the weather area where you can feel the temperature in Dubai and in the Amazon forest and feel the difference.
Heinie Brian H
44 month ago
I felt like a fish outta water discovering all facts about the rainforest and the animals that reside in it. The overall can take about 2 hours and you can repeat the tour as much as you like! 9/10
𝙻𝚒𝚕𝚒á𝚗𝚊 ✨
44 month ago
If you love in Dubai you get discount! You can touch snake and cockroach, birds flying around, great animals. Perfect for kids!
Dimitris T
47 month ago
Pretty good place, esp. for children. Staff very helpful along the whole route. One day the tarantulas, snakes and super-poisonous frogs will escape! A Jurassic Park accident waiting happen.
Christelle A
49 month ago
Cool place to see some interesting animals living in the middle of the city. Kids will love this place! It's a bit small though so don't have high expectations!!
Khaled ☤
51 month ago
A very smart and attractive move for people who live in Dubai and would like to run away from modern civilization into a well preserved indoors ecosystem with thousands of plants, animals and insects!
AlAnoud A
53 month ago
One of the most exciting experiences I've ever had! Beautifully designed, you'd forget where you are! A museum in an interactive way, so much fun for the little ones💚
  • Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab, GPS: 25.20624,55.260437
  • Sen–Rab, Min 10:00–18:00
    Kam–Sab 10:00–19:00