Featherdale Wildlife Park

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Tania R
66 month ago
Great place to see a koala and kangaroos roaming around freely. Don't need more than 2 hours here.
Yi Min T
69 month ago
Best thing is the all day photo taking with koalas. But if your kid is into big animals like elephant or giraffe then this is not the place, try the taronga zoo which has animal n bird shows too.
75 month ago
It's such a great place to see, interact and have a photo with Koala and Kangaroo. Love it.
LeLe I
78 month ago
Skip the first Roos feeding enclosure (behind the Koala's photo). Head to the 2nd Roos feeding enclosure instead (at the back near the Farmyard). The Roos here are a lot hungrier than the first one.
Jeiran H
80 month ago
Worth the trip out here. A lot of good variety and the layout is great. Must-do when visiting Sydney!
87 month ago
Fun for kids and adults to collect stamps pn your ticket-passport. Lots of animals you'll be allowed to pat. Great experience. Souvenir shop is unreasonably expensive.
Vinicius B
96 month ago
Good place to show the to the kids, bit sad to see the same animals that you see easily in the wild locked and stone behind fences thought.
98 month ago
Pretty amazing. There are various Australian animals like wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, certain birds, and koalas of course (and you can even pet one of them).
98 month ago
Best cuddle zoo EVER!!!! You can cuddle most of the animals here. Sooooo fluffy!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Social N
109 month ago
This park is perfect for getting up close and personal with Australian wildlife. For the very best experience (and photos!), arrive early in the day when the kangaroos and wallabies are still hungry.