Lord's Cricket Ground (MCC)

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Laura A
42 month ago
Fantastic T20 venue, always well behaved, friendly crowds, huge food portions for good prices!
Christina P
55 month ago
You can book an introductory cricket lesson through their academy (minimum 5 people) and a reasonable cost. Fun for kids (not so much teens). Need to wear all white for the lesson
Carl G
63 month ago
Great place to watch cricket. Check out the museum as well.
John B
67 month ago
Great for watching the cricket on a summers day. Grab a paper and a beer and you've got yourself a great Sunday afternoon
Andrew B
82 month ago
The tour of Lord's is a must for any cricket fan. To see the Long Room and the rest of the pavilion as well as the media centre is a fantastic experience. And of course the Ashes!
Social N
86 month ago
This is such a beautiful cricket ground! It has so much history behind it, mainly because it is said to be the "home of cricket." It was used as an archery range for the 2012 Olympic Games.
Tim C
92 month ago
If the sun is out and you are in the top tier of the Warner stand bar, its the eight wonder of the world!
Shrey P
102 month ago
Bring your food with you. Sarnies, pasta and crisps plus fruit are perfect test match munch and much cheaper than the (rather excellent/expensive) in-ground catering!
105 month ago
The ground is owned by the Marylbone Cricket Club and is one of the oldest in the World having been originally built 1787 and is in fact home to the World’s oldest sporting museum.
umi Hotels
111 month ago
The home of cricket. Check out a local county game through the summer or just enjoy a beer in the pub outside. Even if you don't understand the rules of the game, definitely worth a visit.