Golders Hill Park

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Jc M
20 month ago
It's really beautiful
Gabriel M
31 month ago
Lovely park on a wonderful sunny day in London 😎
Matt T
41 month ago
This amazing park has a zoo, an aviary, a deer park, big kids playground, a cafe, and a tennis centre. Loads of space. A lovely place to come and walk your dog or take a stroll.
Matt T
41 month ago
A fantastic park in North London. Loads of space for kids to run around in and play on the logs. Kids playground has a great sandpit. The only downside is the parking which is pretty limited.
Sharms C
41 month ago
A nice park with a mini zoo which is free to visit.
George K
43 month ago
Don't leave before checking out the pergola and hill garden!
Yiota P
45 month ago
Enjoy a walk around the park and explore the different areas
Tam P
54 month ago
Hidden gem in London, great place for kids, it even has a mini zoo (with lemurs!) and a deer enclosure
🌸Eunice ?
57 month ago
Café are really good! Always come here for lunch! And homemade coffee ice cream is a must!!!
Tom E
63 month ago
Butterfly house is free and open 2-4pm between the end of March and the end of October. Zoo is also free and open whenever the park is open.
  • West Heath Ave, London, Greater London, NW11 7QP, Kerajaan Inggris, GPS: 51.5671,-0.18926139