Epidaurus Ancient Theatre (Αρχαίο Θέατρο Επιδαύρου)

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Leonidas B
31 month ago
Perfect ancient theater, fantastic scenery in the evening, the best acoustics, definitely you should enjoy a play in the summer period!
31 month ago
Attending a theater play in Epidaurus is an experience you shouldn’t miss.The feeling,the acoustics,the surroundings travels u back in time, and u are left in awe.Tip:some plays have English subtitles
57 month ago
Отличный ресторан морепродуктов. Наелись впятером на 100€, при этом всем вынесли десерт и ракию в качестве комплимента.
Eirini T
58 month ago
For those who haven't been there yet this place is a true experience! Go there especially during the summer when the Athens Festival takes place.
Nelson S
61 month ago
One of the most iconic Greek theaters, the place is huge and you can hear a coin drop in the last seats, truly amazing.
Visit Greece
77 month ago
The most beautiful and best preserved theatre in Greece! “See” and feel your voice vibrate the air and reach to the 55th row of seats, the last one of the upper diazoma.
78 month ago
Amazing acoustics. The tour guide ripped one piece of paper from the bottom and we heard it all the way from the top!!
Natascha K
79 month ago
Don't miss tonights performance. "Bacchae" Ancient Greek Tragedy... "Armed with a powerful sat and a willingness to take directorial risks.." Congrats to Angela Brouskou !!! We loved it <3
The West Wing
113 month ago
The Theatre,the Temples of Artemis and Asclepios,the Tholos,the Enkoimeterion, and the Propylaea. Example of Hellenic architectural ensemble of the 4th century BC. A World Heritage Monument of Unesco.
Corinna P
114 month ago
Climb to the top and listen to cicadas during the day. Catch a show if you can get tickets at night. Try to be the last to leave so you can catch a glimpse of the empty theatre in the moonlight.
  • Εθνική Οδός Ισθμού - Αρχαίας Επιδαύρου, 210 52 Ασκληπιείο Επιδαύρου, Argolis, Yunani, GPS: 37.595947,23.07939