Zero Gravity (زيرو غراڤيتي)

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Sergey D
26 month ago
Absolutely gorgeous place. You may want event just to have lunch/dinner here (free entrance). They have dj’s playing in the evenings/nights and Lady’s night every Tuesday (6 free drinks for girls).
Shiana Marie G
29 month ago
Best Friday and Saturday brunches for expats! Totally recommended as they have an open buffet from 12-5 and free-flowing alcoholic beverages as well!!!
Majed S
31 month ago
Amazing music, stunning beach and views, great food and drinks and all round good service.
Dalia A
32 month ago
We went for Saturday brunch. Beach and pool are spacious, bathrooms are clean, food, drinks, and music are good. Wear what you would wear to a fancy pool party. Everyone had make up on
Chris N
40 month ago
Zero Gravity for a fun night out in Dubai. Quality venue for a day by the pool and beach or wild night with some if the best local and international dj
Amanda A
42 month ago
The pool, service, & resort are awesome. But your stinkin bouncers? - you guys are jerks! .. change your attitude especially w high paying customers; since Dubai are all about the vacationers ..
Lowie D
46 month ago
Great bar with pool, beach and plenty beds and sofa's! Definitely worth a visit on Saturdays: 250 Dirham for unlimited food and drinks from 12 until 5 pm.
Ezgi Y
49 month ago
Harika bir manzara,enfes bir deniz&havuz,mükemmel hizmet ve kaliteli ziyaretçileri ile enfes bir yer.Giriş ücreti diğer yerlere göre pahalı olsa da kesinlikle değer.Haftasonu her şey dahil 200aed👼🏼
Aline M
56 month ago
The venue itself (a pool, access to the beach and the interior od the changing room), the service they offer - it was just great
Hector G
78 month ago
Their Margarita is nice. I just wouldn't recommend coming here if you and your friends like to have noticeable good fun, security gets easily irritated with groups and keeps trying to silence you