Warehouse Elementenstraat

Klub malam
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Albert v
23 month ago
Worst possible bar crew ever. Such a major negative impact on such a great party location. Complete incompetence of the entire crew, no exceptions.
Jake D
30 month ago
Fun place, great music, just a bit hot
Carl-Cyril D
40 month ago
Fantastische feest locatie. Lekker veel ruimte in de grote zaal en muziek klinkt er goed. Kleine zaal is super benauwd en mensen blijven vaak bij de ingang ‘hangen’ = in de weg staan. Verder top
Marinke G
48 month ago
One of the best party venue of Amsterdam.
Yondering M
61 month ago
Robert Hood and Chris Liebing not much to go wrong, nice dark venue felt slightly over crowded sometimes.
Kseniia V
72 month ago
Hyte warehouse party! Loco Dice is amazing! The best DJ ever ❤️❤️ there are lockers and some sofas to sit. People ignore the smoking room and do that inside, so it was very humid and stinky.