Argyle House

Klub malam
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Sam C
50 month ago
Under pouring from as early as eleven.
Yue Wei T
108 month ago
Place smells pretty funky
Jonathon L
113 month ago
If you're wearing a suit, like you should be, you can pay $3 extra at the door for them to hold onto your jacket... makes dancing 10 times easier!
Jonathon L
124 month ago
Make sure you have a PokitPal! They save you heaps of money, especially on Wednesday nights; it get's you free entry! If you don't have one, show your Student ID instead for the same effect.
Josh M
125 month ago
Must admit, it really has stepped up in recent months. Best place to end your night! Not for a few drinks and a chat tho
  • 311 Wharf Rd (at Argyle St), Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia, GPS: -32.925888,151.77528
  • +61 2 4929 5333