Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

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Amy C
27 month ago
Great place for a high school field trip.
Theresa O
30 month ago
A must see just East of KC in President Harry S. Truman's hometown. He and his family are buried here. The museum showcases the highlights of his presidency and an exact replica of his oval office.
Erik R
52 month ago
A journey through the life and times of Harry Truman during his terms as the 33rd president of the U.S. Fascinating museum and monument. Pay respects to the president in the courtyard garden.
John K
89 month ago
This place is amazing. It's like walking into 1945-1952. Great museum with wonderful detailed exhibits on major events of the 20th Century. A must see when in the KC area
Jake S
90 month ago
Don't miss "The Whistlestop Campaign" exhibit; you can see the routes Truman followed and hear speech excerpts from the President's 1948 bid for re-election.
Jacquie @
109 month ago
Yes, take the kids. Lots of interactive things for them to explore. Make sure to visit the basement area for interactive exhibits. Replica of Liberty Bell on property. A definate visit if your in KC.
Kansas City
112 month ago
Visit one of the two decision theaters and put yourself in the President's shoes during times of difficult Oval Office decisions.
Chelsea R
117 month ago
Some really great archives and information about Truman's presidency and his life.
122 month ago
The Harry S. Truman Library was the 1st Presidential Library to be created under the provisions of the 1955 Presidential Libraries Act. Watch this video of Douglas Brinkley recently speaking here.
Kyle R
136 month ago
Amazing museum to learn about a President who dealt with some of the toughest issues of all time. Fun and informative - truly a KC hidden gem.