New York Public Library

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Christina L
7 month ago
If the Lion can wear a mask, so can you.
digi m
11 month ago
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hurix x
11 month ago
500 7th Avenue, 8th Floor, 14B118 NY 10018, USA
Dave L
11 month ago
The super awesome location is very friendly and informative as well as super helpful by the way
hxrdefsw L
12 month ago
Alex T
12 month ago
A historical site. Biggest NYC public library I am aware of, with towering statues and imposing art. Good place to study.
emma w
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May ♍
13 month ago
Deep in the bustling metropolis of New York City, is a full of history building that towers over Bryant Park and provides a stark contrast to the hyperactivity a few blocks away at Times Square
May ♍
13 month ago
The New York Public Library offers a sanctuary to those who may feel overwhelmed, beleaguered, even fatigued from the constant light switch stuck at "ON" that is the Big Apple!
Kaitlin Y
16 month ago
If you need a quiet place to work with WiFi, check out the main catalog room on the third floor (plugs are hidden underneath the wooden tabletops). Or keep walking thru it to the Rose Reading Room.