The St. Regis Istanbul

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Jorge V
24 month ago
El mejor hotel de Estambul las habitaciones muy cómodas, Personal muy grato y atento a todo, y los desayunos muy buenos sobre todo el pan dulce y el Pay de manzana !!!
Aylin A
28 month ago
Such an exquisite hotel. Very welcoming. Superior service. Love the location and the friendliest staff
Adrijana H
38 month ago
Stylish Hotel in Nisantasi area. Bar on the street - sit and enjoy the view and people passing-by.
Sezgin ç
54 month ago
Kaliteli hizmet ve şımarmak isteyenler buraya gelirse pişman olmaz.. Teras bar şahane.. Kokteyller çeşitli ve orijinal.. Odalar tam teknolojik olmuş her şey elektronik.. Tebrikler....
63 month ago
I've stayed in many luxury hotels in Istanbul, St. Regis was the best they care about every single detail and the guest comfort. Also the location is perfect everything is close to you 👌🏽
63 month ago
This device is awesome, you'll find it in you room you can take it anywhere you want, it include free calls free internet you don't need to get a sim card anymore😍 I recommend this hotel to everyone.
Q ♡
63 month ago
Spago'ya cikip mutlaka yemek yemelisiniz... Cok elit, hem hafif club hem de romantik bi aksam yemegi havasina uygun. Manzarasiyla, cok guzel cok !!
64 month ago
Wow, what a hotel. Really is a throwback to the elegant, old world glamour of the 20s but with fantastic modern elements. Especially the free use of the local smartphone, great touch.
Bahtisah Q
68 month ago
Iridium spa'dan, St. Regis Brasserie'nin yemeklerine, Spago'nun ambiansından ballrooma kadar herşeyi ile mükemmeldir <3 Ve odalar ve süitleri... Voila!
Abdullah A
71 month ago
Almost all paintings are very special by very valuable painters. Top of hotel will be best fine fine dining restaurant and elegance lunge bar.