St. Louis Union Station Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton

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Erik R
24 month ago
This balloon has been defying gravity at the top of the ceiling in the main lobby for over 5 months now. It has become the highlight of my stay each time. I’m rooting for you balloon, make it a year.
Erik R
24 month ago
The hotel hallways are a maze, it’s easy to get lost. Sip on a bourbon & enjoy the incredible light shows in the main lobby. They play every hour on the hour and the theme is different each time!
Kandis R
36 month ago
Had a few issues with our room but the manager took care of it fairly quickly and gave us a free breakfast at Station Grille. Beautiful historic hotel and amazing breakfast.
Lynsey W
62 month ago
Order drinks or even food at the lobby! You will feel as if you've been transported to the early 1920's. They have a light show that plays along the ceiling. AMAZING!
Celena R
66 month ago
Amazing hotel with amazing history to it. Make sure to check out the light show in the lobby.
78 month ago
Well the lobby is amazing with the shows, the staff are great, but our stay has always had some adventures with the actual facility. The cookies do make up for most of it.
Bruce E
80 month ago
Every hour on the hour the hotel has a light show that project on the ceiling of old Union Station. It's different each time so be sure to check it out.
Darcy E
80 month ago
Construction is over! Ignore posts about that. Lobby is fantastic, service is awesome, new bar new drinks, awesome modern rooms.
84 month ago
Great hotel! So much awesome architecture around especially the main ballroom.
Paul K
93 month ago
Amazing service, we had a slight plumbing issue and they went above and beyond in apologizing with beer and champagne and free breakfast. We are satisfied completely :)