Coogee Beach

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Isaura M
40 month ago
My favourite beach, not too crowded, not too big, good for swimming and chilling.
Delaney G
47 month ago
Can get quite crowded during the day time being a more popular beach in Sydney, but if your looking for some fun at night try going for a swimming in the pool at sunset!
49 month ago
Smaller beach but very enjoyable! And damn close to the city by bus. Protip: walk all the way to Bondi Beach by the coast. It's about 2h, but definitely a must do. Many beaches and landscapes.
Kevin V
50 month ago
Quieter with a great local community atmosphere. Perfect if you want to avoid the hectic Bondi beach. 15-20 bus ride from Bondi junction. Great waves that break close to the shore.
David G
61 month ago
Great beach, not as crowded as Bondi, but with some good cafes nearby.
David M
73 month ago
The waves on the Middle and right side of the beach are very strong. Go to the left (North) side of the beach for a good time!
Salwan F
73 month ago
Raised here...lots of great coffee shops, small outlets and the Coogee Bay hotel beer garden is the best on a sunny weekend weekend with live music and a great pub menu...
Chung H
76 month ago
Gets very busy and it's often hard to find a park. Nice green area above the beach for BBQ and shops are convenient.
César A
91 month ago
One of the best beaches in Sydney I've ever been. So close to city, just about 15 min. by bus from Central. Lot of BBQ areas. People seem kind and friendly almost all the time.
Khalid O
94 month ago
Coogee beach has a better than average ratio of water to hydrogen molecules. You will emerge more oxygenated than when you stepped in. Good for hydration too. Bring your own bath salts though.