The Mansion Melbourne

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El M
12 month ago
Welcomed with open arms by the wonderful staff, who will bend over backwards to help you any way they can! Newly refurbished, comfortable beds, great amenities and cleanliness is a priority! Love it!
Anna H
13 month ago
This hostel has just been renovated. It is such a welcoming and friendly place! The staff were lovely and everything is new and clean. The bar is cheap and the location perfect. I loved my stay!
Borgz Arthur
95 month ago
Looks like this place is nice. It's close to everywhere. Just arrived here. Hope to have a pleasant stay here.
Always Twirling
107 month ago
A bit loud at nights if you leave your window open but more than made up for by the stunning building and great location.
James S
110 month ago
Room 6 is the biggest and has the quietest floor boards.use the bathrooms on the top floors.
Jonathan H
116 month ago
room 1 is the best
Aimee D
123 month ago
This is a great hostel close to everything in the cbd. The free city circle tram is at the door step. The staff are brilliant as well.