The Basin

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Chris H
22 month ago
Have lunch delivered to The Basin over the Easter Long Weekend....burgers, Fish ‘n Chips...orders in by NOON deliver to the wharf 1pm!👍🏻🚤🚤 checkout or Facebook page
Vinni A
64 month ago
Ditch the hike in if you're camping and carrying a lot. Get the ferry like the hundreds of other backpackers and families. Not the largest campsite ever.
Lauren B
66 month ago
Great place to see Wallabys... Steep walk out of the Basin back to car park... Recommend taking the ferry in for a more relaxing day!
Kylie W
86 month ago
Great camping spot nearby The Basin lagoon. Hike down the track or catch the ferry to the wharf.
Beer C
124 month ago
A great campground accessed by the ferry
  • Australia, GPS: -33.60346,151.29343