El Cosmico

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Jeremy F
32 month ago
Teepees, RV's, safari tents. The most hipster-y place to stay (in the world?)
Angela S
55 month ago
Gonna have to stay sometime. Just stopped in to check it out and get cool patches from their super cool store. They have camping, tents and trailers.
Sheyla C
64 month ago
Unique experience. ❤️ the concept. It gets cold in October so bring warm clothes. Bring soap too. The outdoor showers are awesome. I stayed at a teepee and they're huge. Would definitely come back.
Julius T
64 month ago
It's cold as fuck at night in October. Our safari tent had holes
Elie B
70 month ago
Hipster campsite. Worth checking out.
Sara S
71 month ago
Fun place to visit, buy a beer from the lobby gift shop, and hang out - even if you're not staying there.
71 month ago
Un lugar para experimentar algo austero, lleven ropa ligera para dormir y un buen repelente. Muy buena experiencia, lo recomiendo.
Men's Health Mag
79 month ago
The hippest trailer park you’ve ever seen. If bunking down in a completely restored 1956 Imperial Mansion travel trailer is on your bucket list, then giddyup to the Trans-Pecos region, cowboy
Alan x
79 month ago
Hay muchas moscas y en el verano demasiado calor, pero es un lugar único, traigan shampoo y jabón que no te dan.
Alan x
79 month ago
Original hotel aunque no es para todo mundo.