Camping Zeeburg

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Hakan 🇹🇷 A
14 month ago
Harika, merkeze çok yakın
Bram O
29 month ago
Relaxed vibe, friendly staff. Love the colourfull cabins. Take your bike to the centre.
Zsofi M
38 month ago
Staff is super cool and will help you solve almost anything you need, but wagons smell funky and the heating system is crap. Bathrooms are clean and there is hot water!! Restaurant is delicious!
Jonas d
57 month ago
They have a surprisingly beautyful restaurant / bar. Doesn't look like a camping cafeteria. Nice mix of people camping on this good looking camp side.
Yunus A
59 month ago
20 yaşında gelmeniz lazım ;)
sophie o
61 month ago
waar je ook als je er niet kampeert lekker kunt eten, midden in het groen. De kids kunnen buiten spelen en even een kijkje nemen op de camping,
Ashley H
64 month ago
A great place to stay if you're looking for somewhere cheap not far from Amsterdam this place is perfect. I stayed in a wagonette and it was lovely and warm despite the cold weather
Danny W
67 month ago
Best camping in Amsterdam. Has a great hostel vibe and all the facilities you need. If it gets windy though, peg your tent down as much as you can.
Lore F
75 month ago
Open all year, and the bathrooms are heated. Open air kitchen and washer/dryer available. The cabins and wageonettes can be all booked out on weekends even in winter.
Bastian G
75 month ago
The main shower/bathrooms are heated. So even in winter you won't freeze to death while taking a shower.