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Erika Rae W
30 month ago
Beautiful park situated within the busy city. Go to the biergarten at the top of the hill, and grab a beer, then go sit on the hill and watch the sunset over the city.
Ben E
30 month ago
A classic. Gorgeous views of the city at sunset and a beer garden featuring cheap drafts and cheap simple hot dogs/sausages etc. Definitely go for sunset one night.
Marianna R
44 month ago
Great place to come and relax, greenery around. Excellent for running especially early in the morning!
Grafton C
60 month ago
Great park!! Nice sunsets, and plenty of shade trees. In the summer there are 2 great beer gardens. Lots of dogs and friendly people.
May ♍
66 month ago
Close to the city centre, but hidden away from the crowds. Its location on a hill gives glamorous views of beautiful Prague. Great spot for watching panoramic sunsets or relaxing with a book in hand
Xenia F
68 month ago
Думаю один из лучших парков в Праге. Вечером собирается молодежь, веселиться, парк также подходит и для отдыха, всегда можно найти тихое местечко. А еще летом работает потрясный открытый пивной бар)
Luc V
69 month ago
Simply love this park! You can buy a beer and relax on the grass with a view of the whole Prague!
Pavel K
71 month ago
Beautiful views, pleasant environment, snacks restaurant with good beer (Plzeň!). Very nice relaxing location. A lot of people even in the cold early spring.
79 month ago
Best sunsets in Prague. Get here in advance if you want the best spots
Raul L
90 month ago
Big open space in a little park. Perfect place for sunbathing and drinking cold beer :) Just lay back and relax.
  • Italská (Polská, Chopinova), 120 00 Praha, Ceko, GPS: 50.080498,14.441271
  • Sen–Min 24 Jam