The Walk at JBR (الممشى في الجي بي آر)

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Owen D
30 month ago
Find Lock, Stock & Barrel in the Rixos Premium Hotel; sports shown on big screens, Ladies Night every Tuesday and an awesome live band each Monday / Wednesday & Friday! #Dubai #Nightlife
47 month ago
The new side of JBR is amazing. Great options of restaurants and cafés. Nice outdoor seating. Perfect choice for walking and running beside the beach 🌊🌥
Aziz N
53 month ago
Great place and a lively one .. I can't stop enjoying being there .. I liked the many selections of cafes and restaurants all around .. I would recommend it when it's winter to get the best experience
Ghadi T
53 month ago
JBR one of the best place to visit and stay in Dubai you will never need to go anywhere. Shops, coffee shops, restaurant and the beach couldn't ask for more 🙏🏼
Abdulaziz A
61 month ago
The night life in here is just different than anywhere else.. Try to visit the smokey beach. Its a perfect place to get tanned as well. Enjoy 🙏🏻❤️
المهره الصعبه ماهي لأي خيال
65 month ago
One of the best venues in Dubai Marina. Great selection of shops, cafe's and restaurants. Lovely outdoor settings when the weather is cooler 👍🏻
74 month ago
The place to be for anyone visiting Dubai! Have a coffee and admire the urban fashion show and spot the fancy cars driving by. So many restaurants to choose from. Can get very busy on holidays.
76 month ago
The new shops extension, movies and beach really added to the place. Parking and the narrow roads are still an issue though.
Mohamed M
86 month ago
This is by far one of the best spots in Dubai where everyone can find something he likes. More than 9 hotels, best returants and cafes that's serves different tastes, beach, green areas on plaza level
Salma I
86 month ago
If you're looking for a nice Mexican cuisine try El Chico, their fajita lamv chops are awesome. If you're looking for pizza, try the prawns & pineapple pizza at the Pizza Company.