Kedai BBQ
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john s
12 month ago
We order the bbq old alas and pork mac n cheese. The tastes were superb and the quantity was satisfactory! The stuff was very friendly!!
Janell P
15 month ago
BBQ was amazing, stuffed potatoes were filling and oh so good! STAFF was extremely friendly. Drinks were on point. Must try if you’re in town!
Jordon R
41 month ago
This place is amazing and it deserves a way bigger rating than what it has! Meals were delicious, cocktails were on point and the service was fantastic! Coming to Budapest this place is a must visit!
Robert D
45 month ago
Friendly staff. The reuben with the brisket and the sauce was incredible. The Tipsy Texan only for advanced :). Don't miss the REAL bbq chicken wings! And first of all, thank you for the ideas.
Kristóf G
46 month ago
One of the best new wave food bar in Budapest, and I think it's probably the best Bbq restaurant in Hungary with the masters of Bbq 😁
Buros A
46 month ago
High quality food and drinks, real bbq feeling in the heart of Budapest with affordable prices. Highly recommend it!
Bencze M
46 month ago
Great place for the BBQ fans in Budapest. Friendly and nice place. I can only recommend!
Emese G
50 month ago
the reuben and the pulled pork sandwiches definitively worth the try! moist and well seasoned meat
András D
51 month ago
Excellent sandwiches, friendly and charming waitress. Watch your head on your way to the toilet and use your leg to push the lid to turn on the tap.
Leo S
52 month ago
Authentic and delicious. The brisket here is some of the best in town -- juicy, smoky, and very tender.