Monash Medical Centre

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Justin A
66 month ago
Parking on the hospital campus is expensive & car parks not always available. I parked at Monash House, on Clayton Rd - opposite the main hospital entrance. A fraction of the price
Melissa H
97 month ago
The nurses and staff in Infusion (esp. Pam!!) are amazing!
Alessandra R
109 month ago
The staff and Doctors are lovely and very helpful. But it definitely highlights why I have Private Health Insurance.
Aimee S
113 month ago
The wait is long... Bring things to keep you occupied! Or better still, keep your script on file and call a few days ahead so you don't have to wait!
Peter M
117 month ago
Enjoy your sleep!
Tom W
118 month ago
The maintenance staff is amazing!
Víctor O
119 month ago
This Hospital has professional and experienced personnel. If only they did not have to waste their time with drug and alcohol abusers. I applaud their effort.
Brendan W
122 month ago
Don't expect any of the doctors or nurses in the children's ward to give you any information freely about your kids, you need to keep hounding to find out what's wrong. 
Christopher L
122 month ago
Decent food at the café...but be prepared to pay through the teeth for it :|
Aimee S
123 month ago
Remember to take something to keep you occupied if you are going to pharmacy, average wait = 45mins!