Hospital for Special Surgery

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The K
35 month ago
Great spot for orthopedic injuries . Doctors are experienced and had my back worked on here. Stay away from Staten Island hospitals they’re the worst .
Big Kin
53 month ago
Special place like the name!
Arun N
55 month ago
Charge the insurance $400 for a CT scan and still charge the patient $35 additional for copies of it on a CD.
Kurt I
67 month ago
By Far the best hospital I have dealt with at every level. Doctors Mathew Cunningham and Stephanie Perlman are Top notch. All the nurses and assistants are caring and excel at their jobs.
andrea s
71 month ago
Checking in, in 10 days. I'll let you know how it goes!
Sara ?
73 month ago
Everyone is very nice and friendly. Amazing doctors. Free wifi while you wait.
Popkin B
75 month ago
Ranawat orthopaedics... Amazing!
Roger S
78 month ago
Excellent orthopedics. Notwithstanding its name, they always push non surgical approaches whenever feasible.
Heike B
79 month ago
Amazing operation here - everything runs like clockwork!! We're rooting for Dr. Scott Ellis who will be operating on Mahmoud's broken ankle for@the next 2 and a half hours ...
Michelle Wendy
82 month ago
The Family Atrium on the 4th Floor has a free charging station by the reception area in the room. Select your device & swipe a credit card to open & unlock compartment.