Kool Smiles - Washington D.C. - Hechinger Mall

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David R
38 month ago
Fox news blaring in waiting area. (In the business of promoting children's health and pediatricians say children are watching too much TV.) Keep calling me for appts even when I tell them to stop.
Marcus R
91 month ago
No matter what time your appt time is the "Drs. are always late....Smh
Marcus R
91 month ago
School starts n this place is a zoo! they have a playground inside the kids loud as hell parents not doing nothing this is the most ghetto dentist office I have ever seen.The Soul Planes of Dentist
Tabitha P
93 month ago
Most Def a kids friendly place. My daughter loves the play area ans video games. :-D
Imani D
97 month ago
The only dental office I like in DC! Great dentists and customer service
Shantel S
113 month ago
This is a very good dental office